Learning Is Enhanced By Mobile Devices and Texts Messages

Understanding how students learn from an iPad, iPod or smartphone provides valuable insight into how mobile users interact with mobile information. This research, in the International Journal of Cyber Behavior, Psychology and Learningtested an emerging model for mobile learning. 
Goals included assessment of the value of rehearsed production of mobile content, graded field assignments, and performance on a mobile quiz with or without optional course-related text messages prior to the quiz. Results indicated consistent support for the value of rehearsing mobile skills and statistically significant higher quiz scores for those receiving guiding text messages. A post semester survey administered to 11 blended courses using or not using mobile devices (N = 459) revealed significantly higher ratings from mobile users for perceived course efficiency, access to course content, intention to take future blended courses, and overall satisfaction.

About Ron Yaros

Ronald A. Yaros researches audience engagement with multimedia and mobile journalism. His publications, including two book chapters, explore how audiences seek, select and share news. As a Blended Learning Fellow for interactive classes with social networks and a custom mobile app, he tests new ways to communicate digital information. Dr. Yaros was one of two student-nominated 2012 Excellence in Teaching Awards on campus. Prior to completing a Ph.D. in 2005 at the University of Wiiscosin-Madison, his professional experience included twenty-five years as an Emmy-award winning broadcaster and president of a software company.
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