Personalization Research

Previous studies have shown that personalized new content generates more positive attitudes because users perceive the content to be more relevant. Why? Perhaps the perception of “self-as-source” fosters positive attitudes by invoking a greater sense of “me-ness.” At the same time, however, it has also been shown that users who chose their own news stories often rated the content lower in quality, newsworthiness and likeability than those who read the same stories without choices.

The PICK model includes the personalization process but extends it beyond just user choices or aggregation of information. Effective personalization is also how content is presented in a multimedia story so that it relates to you and your needs. Multimedia journalism can provide unique opportunities for the user to seek news with preferences at a level not possible with traditional media. But other researcher have have also found that merely manipulating the level of choice still may not enhance positive attitudes if the content is judged to be “mediocre.”

Kalyanaraman & Sundar (2006)
Sundar & Marathe (2006)

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