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Learning Is Enhanced By Mobile Devices and Texts Messages

Understanding how students learn from an iPad, iPod or smartphone provides valuable insight into how mobile users interact with mobile information. This research, in the International Journal of Cyber Behavior, Psychology and Learning, tested an emerging model for mobile learning. 

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Viewing Online Content Longer Doesn’t Always Mean Better Comprehension

Eye tracking research – especially in advertising – often assumes that viewing content longer will mean better recall of that content.  This published study tested how complex content affects both viewing time and comprehension.

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Explaining Social Media in Education

It was a thrill to participate in a four-person panel at DCWEEK 2010 downtown, featuring more than 100 events geared toward a variety of interests. Our panel, titled “Social Media In Education,” included discussions about my recent research of how … Continue reading

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Explaining How To Engage Students on Laptops

Participating in the “Summer Institute on Teaching and Learning with New(er) Technologies” is helping me to design research for my fall course, “Information 3.0.”  Collaborating with 16 colleagues from across the University of Maryland campus revealed how different disciplines plan … Continue reading

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